söndag 13 juli 2008

Grimm Fairytale Swap

The Grimm Fairy Tale Swap at Lenna Andrews blogg is over and I got four lovely 5"x5" collages!
Everyone who participated received a gift - A collage image sheet from Leslie at Alpha Stamps who sponsored the swap.
Cinderella -Askungen in Swedish- from Fiona in Aberdeen, Scotland. More of her collages in Lennas blog HERE.
Little Red Riding Hood -"Rödluvan" in Swedish-from Kiki in Oregon, USA. More of her collages in Lennas blog HERE.
Cinderella -Askungen in Swedish- From Margaux in Scotland, UK. I love the way she "translated the fairy language to modern talk"... "Oh dear, too late! Don't let him stifle your creativity." "He found his true bride. Run my dear! He just wants you to do his ironing!"
More of her collages in Lennas blogg HERE.
Little Red Riding Hood from Susanne in Victoria, Canada. More of her collages in Lennas blog HERE
Thank You Fiona, Kiki, Margaux, Susanne for your lovely collages!! And Thank you Lenna and Leslie at Alpha Stamp for a great swap!

Thank You Lenna for hosting a great swapp!
Thank You Leslie Alpha Stamp for the gift!
You can see all the lovely collages in Lenna Andrews blogg HERE

These are the collages I made


Sleepig Beauty

Fiona from Aberdeen, Scotland got my Sleeping Beaty 2.

Margaux from Scotland, UK got my Sleeping Beaty.

2 kommentarer:

Lenna Andrews sa...

You did such a wonderful job with your fairytale collages, Eva! Thank you for the lovely & detailed post about the swap -wow! Awesome : ))
many thanks from Lenna!

Jo Capper-Sandon sa...

What a fantastic theme. Your collages look incredible...love the colours.