lördag 15 december 2007

torsdag 13 december 2007

Fyra små tavlor

Jag har nålfiltat merinoull och mullbärssilke, sytt fast pärlor, och en textil bild, träramarna har jag målat i skiftande färger.
Tavlorna är 13,5cmx18cm
I needlefelted merinowool and some silk fibers, added cheesecloth and some small pearls and a fabric image, and painted the woodenframes in mixed colors.
The size is 5,5x7 inchies.


Lucia by Swedish painter Carl Larsson

In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy typically comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia.
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onsdag 12 december 2007

Christmas Mini Quiltie

I belong to the group Unlimited Textiles, we are doing a December mini quiltie swap.
And today I got this lovely Christmas mini quiltie from SANDY in USA.
Thank you Sandy!!!

Lovely mail.


I have been tagged by Lenna!
I have to think about that... I have to find out 7 things about myself... not sure I can do that... anyway not so interesting that Lenna could write! :)
Read what Lenna wrote in her blogg about herself when she was tagged, she wrote a lot and very intersting about herself, she is a very good writer!

I´m supposed to tagg 7 people, if you want to be tagged and write a list about yourself please let me know...
Here are the simple rules.
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Don´t forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged and to read your blog.

fredag 7 december 2007


This is the old, lovely photo I have used in Paint Shop Pro Photo. And some different blendings and layers.

torsdag 6 december 2007

Scrapping needlefelted

Jag nålfiltade materialet som Bina skickade mig tillsammans med hennes fina ATC-kort,
Sen scrappade jag det i min etikett med snöflingor som jag har gjort i PSP.
I needlefelted this using the material Bina sent togheter with her ATC-card.
Then I digital scrapped it in this tag, adding the text "Because you like blue, I give this to you!"

söndag 2 december 2007

fredag 30 november 2007

Ett vackert Adventkort

Tusen Tack GUNNEL för det vackra Adventkortet!
GUNNEL sent me this beautiful Advent card.

tisdag 27 november 2007

Lovely mail from Lenna

I received my Pay It Forward gift from CREATIVE LENNA. I got a lovely ribbon sachet, Thank you Lenna! It´s lovely and smells so good. You can read about ribbon sachet on Lennas blog.

She also sent me a lots of great collage items!!

It´s so fun to get this kind of mail. Thank you so much, Lenna!

fredag 23 november 2007

Silk chiffon

A scarf felteed with Merino wool and Tussah silk,
I felted it on Silk chiffon.

I put the wool on the chiffon and then felting it using bubble plastic.

torsdag 22 november 2007

Multicoloured scarf

Rainbow combed merino, with 40% silk, multicoloured,
beautiful shiny quality.

I feelted it using bubble plastic .

I will use it as a scarf, it´s soft and nice.

Silk fibers, Hankies

Hankies kallas kokonger av mullbärssilke.
This is what the hankies look like when I have feelted them,
I have not decided yet what I will do with them.

onsdag 21 november 2007

Pepparkaksbak eller...

Nålfiltning med kardad ull, regnbågsfärgad merinoull, silke fiber och angelina fiber en syntetisk metallfiber som man kan blanda i för att få en glittrande effekt men som gör det väldigt svårt att fotografera och att få fram dom rätta färgerna.

This is needlefelted, I have used carded wool, rainbow dyed merinowool, silk fibers and some angelina fibers to give it some sparkling effect, but angelina fibers makes it difficult to take a photo and show the right colors.

onsdag 14 november 2007

"You can never have too much chocolate"...
A small bag to keep the candy in.

Ett collage av små "tittskåp" och ett hjärta.

Nu har jag tre personer som vill ha en handgjord present av mig, får se vad jag hittar på...
I now have three people that want a handmade gift from me, Thank you!!
Det är TRICIA,
och CLARA.

Lovely mail from Australia!

I got two lovely ATC-cards from DOREEN

They are really beautiful!! Thank you Doreen!!

måndag 12 november 2007

Julkort, Postcards

Nu har jag börjat med julkorten här är dom första...

lördag 10 november 2007

Nu börjar jag julpyssla lite...

Här är början till julkort
filt, band, ull, glittertråd.