lördag 15 december 2007

torsdag 13 december 2007

Fyra små tavlor

Jag har nålfiltat merinoull och mullbärssilke, sytt fast pärlor, och en textil bild, träramarna har jag målat i skiftande färger.
Tavlorna är 13,5cmx18cm
I needlefelted merinowool and some silk fibers, added cheesecloth and some small pearls and a fabric image, and painted the woodenframes in mixed colors.
The size is 5,5x7 inchies.


Lucia by Swedish painter Carl Larsson

In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy typically comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia.
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onsdag 12 december 2007

Christmas Mini Quiltie

I belong to the group Unlimited Textiles, we are doing a December mini quiltie swap.
And today I got this lovely Christmas mini quiltie from SANDY in USA.
Thank you Sandy!!!

Lovely mail.


I have been tagged by Lenna!
I have to think about that... I have to find out 7 things about myself... not sure I can do that... anyway not so interesting that Lenna could write! :)
Read what Lenna wrote in her blogg about herself when she was tagged, she wrote a lot and very intersting about herself, she is a very good writer!

I´m supposed to tagg 7 people, if you want to be tagged and write a list about yourself please let me know...
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fredag 7 december 2007


This is the old, lovely photo I have used in Paint Shop Pro Photo. And some different blendings and layers.

torsdag 6 december 2007

Scrapping needlefelted

Jag nålfiltade materialet som Bina skickade mig tillsammans med hennes fina ATC-kort,
Sen scrappade jag det i min etikett med snöflingor som jag har gjort i PSP.
I needlefelted this using the material Bina sent togheter with her ATC-card.
Then I digital scrapped it in this tag, adding the text "Because you like blue, I give this to you!"

söndag 2 december 2007