fredag 28 september 2007

Traded ATC-cards

Thankyou for these lovely ATC-cards
from all around the world!

Joelle in France

Catriona in England

Karin in Germany

Gailey in Hawaii

From Ann in USA

5 kommentarer:

Debbi Baker sa...

Wow Eva!! What a fabulous collection!

Catriona sa...

I'm glad the ATC arrived safely!
Hope to trade with you again sometime! ^___^

You've got some really beautiful ones there.
I think Joelle's are beautiful!

alice k. sa...

Wow you have traded lots! Silly question - do you suggest trades to people whose cards you like?

I love the inkjet transfers. Is there a how-to somewhere?

Eva sa...

alice k.
On Flickr is a group where you can read about how to do inkjet transfers. It´s really fun to do.

If you want to trade ATc-cards whit me a have some available for trade at Flickr.

Ann sa...

These are all nice ATC. It is so fun to Swap! Thanks for posting mine. I love how you put the envelope and stamp behind the ATC. We'll have to do it again soon.